Bruegger Invest Limited is an investment management firm, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom (FCA). Founded in 1997, Bruegger Invest Limited has a substantial background in equity, debt and derivative markets in the US, Japan, Europe and in a broad range of emerging market economies and in the development and management of global and local investment strategies.


Bruegger Invest Limited specialises in the management & design of investment strategies and in the research & analysis of economic, political, social and environmental risks associated with investments, from a global, regional and local perspective.


Bruegger Invest Limited has been appointed Investment Manager to Bruegger Shares Ltd, a global macro hedge fund. Bruegger Shares Ltd seeks positive absolute returns, higher than benchmark (MSCI All Country World Index), over the long term. The primary objective is capital preservation.


Bruegger Shares Ltd pursues a global investment strategy aimed at producing positive absolute returns under varying market conditions. Bruegger Shares Ltd may be invested long or a combination of long & short equities and may also be invested in currencies, bonds, money market instruments and similar, depending on the Investment Manager's view on the market.


For more information, please contact Urs Bruegger on +44 20 7493 8366 or click on the Learn More button and use the form provided.