The Belon Money Theory

Understanding money in the economy.

Shadow Money Theory

Predicting prices and the economy.


The Belon Money Theory is our shadow money theory developed from the quantity theory of money, the theory that prices follow supply.

The Belon Money Theory takes a broader view of the global monetary system and considers the role of the shadow banking sector in the creation and the circulation of money.

Shifting tides in the supply of money can create long-term trends in asset prices and the economy.

The role of monetary research is to anticipate and to respond to shifts in the global monetary environment.

The Trinum Investment Strategy

Built to perform.

Investment strategy

Aiming higher.


We built the Trinum Investment Strategy on the three pillars of monetary research, investment expertise and experience to give you more return than the market.

We use indicators developed from our own research, in addition to established financial and economic indicators, to anticipate financial markets and the economy.

We pursue optimal return from superior stock selection and asset allocation to equities, goverment bonds, cash and near cash instruments to seek an average annual return on investment of 10% and more across market conditions.

We construct the most efficient portfolio to provide you with daily availability of your invested funds.

The Belon Trinum Strategies Fund

Delivering excellence.

Liechtenstein SICAV AIF

A unique approach.

The Belon Trinum Strategies Fund is an investment company with variable capital (SICAV) pursuant to Liechtenstein law.

The target of the Belon Trinum Strategies Fund is to deliver annual average return on capital of 10% or more.

The Belon Trinum Strategies Fund seeks to achieve its objective from optimal allocation to stocks, government bonds and near cash instruments.

Shares in the Belon Trinum Strategies Fund are available with daily liquidity in US currency.

Founded on the three pillars or research, experience and investment expertise.

Bruegger Invest Limited

Monetary research | Political research | Alternative investments

Our ambition

Leading operator of absolute return strategies.

Bruegger Invest Limited ist an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) established in London on 11 November 1997.

Our ambition is to excel in global financial market strategies over the long-term.

We employ around the core a wide range of investment strategies to deliver positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

Our focus in on stability and consistency through time. Our investment team has a substantial track record of delivering substantial excess return over markets over many years.

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