Everywhere we look, there is change. It is the transition from one era to another, from the information age to the age of science. It is the most rapid and comprehensive transformation ever, and will alter all our lives and the way businesses operate.


Yet what we may need most to successful in this new era of science is - heart. The heart to step forward, to accept failure as the way to find success and to never forget that the biggest risk of all is the fear of failure.


own a slice of the future


Bruegger Shares Ltd is an investment company focused on innovative and pioneering businesses that use science and technology more efficiently to grow their intrinsic value above others over the long term.


Shares in Bruegger Shares Ltd are available to sophisticated private investors residing in or outside of the US and to institutional investors at issue price of 100 each in dollar, euro, pound sterling or franc.



With the Bruegger Shares Ltd, we aim to build a business that produces good and stable returns over time. We commit to the same principles - to put shareholders interests first, to embrace innovations and to seek to become a pioneer in our field - just as we expect the investee companies to do.


We think long term and focus today on the results five to seven years away. We communicate directly with our shareholders and can always be reached for any questions that may come up.